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Most people dread the coming of tax season not only because it can cost them money but also because it is such a hassle. Even so, many taxpayers elect to prepare their own tax return. If your tax return typically consists only of a single T4, you can probably do the same. However, for those whose tax return is more complicated, it is best to bring in a tax professional to ensure that all forms are complete and submitted correctly and that you are getting the greatest benefit from your return.

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It is best to consult a professional accountant for assistance with your personal income tax preparation in Alberta if:

  • You are self-employed
  • Your income is commission-based
  • You earned income from the sale of property
  • You earned income from the rental of property
  • You earned significant income from investments

Benefits of Hiring an Accountant for Personal Income Tax

While hiring a professional accountant to prepare your personal income tax return is not as inexpensive as preparing it yourself, an accountant will likely find deductions and/ or credits you might have missed. An accountant can also advise you on possible investments, job changes and other opportunities. Finally, most reputable accounting firms carry liability insurance to protect clients from any penalties caused by a mistake on your return.

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